Annual Reports & Policy Documents

Below are the documents relating to the LPC’s recent Annual Reports; if you require copies of previous years’ reports please contact us using the form on this site…

Annual Report and Accounts 2018-19

SSLPC Annual Report 2018-19

Appendix 1 – South Staffordshire LPC Meetings 2018-19

Appendix 2 – SSLPC Business, Service Accounts and IER 20190331 signed

Appendix 3 – Applications Summary 2018-19

Annual Report and Accounts 2017-18

SSLPC Annual Report 2017-18

Appendix 1 – South Staffordshire LPC Meetings 2017-18

Appendix 2 South Staffs LPC Business Accounts 20180331 Final

Appendix 3 South Staffs LPC Independent Examiners Report 20180331

Appendix-4-Applications Summary-2018

Appendix 5 LPC Survey on Impact of funding cuts

This is the latest Constitution of South Staffs LPC (updated 15th January 2015):

South Staffordshire-LPC-Constitution-2015-final