Area Prescribing Group

Area Prescribing Group (APG)

The South Staffordshire APG is a multidisciplinary, cross health economy medicines forum, that reports to the Quality Committee of each CCG.  The APG also has delegated decision making responsibility within its terms of reference to support good medicines governance and practice as well as addressing issues at the interface of primary and secondary care.

As well as reviewing and advising on medicines policy, the APG supports CCGs in discharging their responsibilities in relation to medicines safety by reviewing and actioning MHRA medicines safety alerts, as well as documenting new NICE TA guidance and ensuring that newly approved drugs are incorporated in to the formulary in accordance with statutory requirements.

As the APG finds its feet it will be reviewing a range of medicines optimisation resources and when approved these will be published on the Medicines Management Pages of the South East Staffordshire and Seisdon Peninsular Website.

You may be interested in the on-line South Staffs formulary which is linked to the BNF and NICE and also shows whether drugs are locally red, amber or green for prescribing.