Action on Hearing loss – Lichfield area project


Action on Hearing loss – Lichfield area project

February 12, 2019

Message from Action on Hearing Loss – who are again seeking YOUR in reaching out to people in the Lichfield area…


Action on Hearing Loss (A.o.H.L.) is respected charity (established in 1911 as the Royal National Institute for the Deaf) working for a world where hearing loss doesn’t limit or label people, where tinnitus is silenced and where people value and look after their hearing.

Unaddressed hearing loss can have a serious impact on health and wellbeing. People with hearing loss are more likely to experience emotional distress and loneliness, and the risk of developing depression is doubled.  Additionally people with hearing loss are at least twice as likely to develop dementia.

There are more than 10 million people in the UK with some form of hearing loss (1 in 6 of the population). It’s estimated that, in 2014, there were 20,500 people in Lichfield District with a hearing loss and this is set to rise to 23,500 by 2019.

Action on Hearing Loss has received funding to run hearing loss awareness sessions/talks, across Lichfield District for anyone who is concerned about their hearing, but with a particular focus on people over 65, as hearing loss is more prevalent in this age group, with 70% of older people having a hearing loss.

In the sessions, for which there is no charge, we will provide advice and information on managing hearing loss as well as basic hearing checks for anyone concerned about their hearing.

We are looking for venues within all communities, large and small, in which to hold these sessions and believe that local pharmacies are an ideal setting.  We would need an area for a display and, if possible, use of a small room in which to undertake hearing checks.  If you are able to offer a venue,  please contact the Staffordshire Senior Community Support Officer, Gill Wyatt,  for an informal chat –, 07960 407595.

Additionally, at these sessions,  specific information, advice and hearing checks will also be available to Forces Veterans, born before 1st January 1950, and their families, through our VETERANS PROJECT.  If you live in Staffordshire or surrounding areas and would like more details on how this project could help you please contact Debbie Hill, the project lead, on 07939169157 or email her at

Funding provided by Lichfield District Council.


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