Cessation of Together 4 Health Stop Smoking Services Staffordshire

Cessation of Together 4 Health Stop Smoking Services Staffordshire

February 3, 2017

Together 4 Health have sent a message via PharmOutcomes to pharmacies contracted to provide the smoking advisor service.

Staffordshire County Council have decommissioned the service from 31st March 2017 and no new patients can be taken on with immediate effect – the letter was sent 2.2.2017

The letter is reproduced below and also downloadable as a PDF

More information on De-commissioning timetable here

Copy of letter sent by Together 4 Health 2.2.2017

We are writing to share some news about changes to the stop smoking support you currently provide for Together 4 Health.


The Together 4 Health Service has been decommissioned and will stop taking referrals or accept any referrals for any lifestyle interventions, the service will cease to exist from 31st March 2017. This is a decision taken by our commissioners Staffordshire County Council. If you would like to pass on the details of the heathy hub to their patients as this is now the only option available;


The Staffordshire Healthy Hub run by Staffordshire County Council is available to provide advice and guidance to residents of Staffordshire around lifestyle change, the hub can be contacted on


0300 111 8006 or email wellbeing.services@staffordshire.gov.uk



As a stop smoking subcontractor delivering services on behalf of Together 4 Health I am sorry to say that we will need you to stop the stop smoking support you have been providing.


We will honour payment for all clients who have already signed up to the programme but no new quit dates should be set from now on, please do not start any clients on the Together 4 Health programme with immediate effect (2nd Feb 2017).


Please ensure that you enter your claims onto PharmOutcomes as soon as possible to ensure that you receive payment.  You will be able to enter information on to the system for patients who you saw up to 2nd Feb 2017 when you received the notification via your PharmOutcomes log-in that the service was ending.  No new patients can be accepted into the service with immediate effect.


We will be in touch very soon to arrange to collect resources as part of our exit planning. When we do we will confirm arrangements for submitting claims for those clients who have already started a quit attempt.


Thank you for delivering the stop smoking support you have provided to clients over the time you have been working with Together 4 Health (and before that with Time to Quit), the stop smoking services have been extremely successful and could only have been as successful as they have been because of the hard work and great client support offered by our partners and subcontractors in primary care, it’s a sad day to know there will be no commissioned stop smoking support available from now on.


If you wish to continue to support your patients to stop smoking you will be doing so outside of any contracted arrangements with Together 4 Health which would obviously be unpaid.


If you would like to discuss this further please speak give me a ring/e-mail or Sanden Contract Officer who visits/contacts you from the team.


Again , many thanks to your advisors who have been a pleasure work with.


Original letter sent by: Liz Booker, Lifestyle Co-ordinator 

Together4Health, Rycroft Clinic, Broad Street, Newcastle-Under-Lyme ST5 2BQ

E.mail liz.booker@ssotp.nhs.uk Phone 0300 124 0096 ex 1209 Mob 07891801307

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