Controlled Drugs Update – January 2018


Controlled Drugs Update – January 2018

January 31, 2018

Following last week’s Controlled Drugs Local Intelligence Network (CD LIN) meeting, there were a few items which we felt appropriate to share with contractors:

  • Reminder about medicines and driving – please ensure that appropriate information is given to patients on this, particularly for the specific drugs mentioned in the Governement’s guidance . You may also find it useful to be aware of the requirements on notification to the DVLA by healthcare professionals regarding fitness to drive.
  • A CQC update referenced a coroner’s inquest report which highlighted a case where delivery of morphine sulphate capsules was made to the wrong patient, who had a similar name & address. Unforunately, this patient was visually impaired and took the item. Other issues were reported with delivery drivers so there may be local needs to review SOPs, and check that all delivery drivers are both signing the SOPs and following them. This may also require further training provision, we would also recommend contractors consider adopting “red flag” policy for similar sounding patient names. The Community Pharmacy Safety group has produced a reference guide on safer delivery services, which was recommended by the CD Accountable Officer, and can be downloaded below.


  • Concern was also raised on checks made by pharmacies on potential delivery drivers – one going to court who was selling for his own business (unrelated to the pharmacy) whilst delivering to patients. You may wish to consider using DBS checks to provide some assurance on delivery drivers’ background, prior to confirming employment.
  • Drug related deaths were reported as increasing in all areas, especially in older cohorts. There is some evidence that this has been enhanced by poly-drug use, including alcohol and OTC medicines abuse – we would urge contractors to consider this and be aware of requests for OTC medicines subject to abuse.
  • Contractors may already be aware that the first trials of prescribing CDs by EPS have started; our information as that these are taking place in the Greater Manchester and London areas, and may just be possible for scripts to arrive at Staffordshire pharmacies. The legislation has been amended to allow electronic signatures for CDs, so (provided all the relevant details are present) you should be able to dispense these. For more information, see the resources on the PSNC website.

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