Good news stories…


Good news stories…

February 21, 2019

It’s not often that patients and carers shout about the service they get from our pharmacies, but we have come to hear of two recent stories which we thought you would appreciate – well done to the contractors concerned!

  1. Speedy UTI service – “I felt I should write to you to let you know about a gold standard NHS journey that my daughter has just experienced. My daughter is a patient at the surgery in xxxxxx and is happy for me to share this experience with you. She landed at Birmingham airport one recent Friday late afternoon. At 4pm she called the xxxxxx surgery as she had picked up a nasty urine infection whilst abroad, she was feeling quite poorly with it but thought she knew exactly what the problem was. The receptionist was delightful and navigated her rapidly to a local pharmacy. She was seen there within 30 minutes of her call, following an examination and urinalysis at the pharmacy she was prescribed antibiotics. Two days later she was pretty much recovered.
    The patient journey time from leaving Birmingham airport to receiving the correct treatment was in total 40 minutes. This MUST be applauded!
    Well done to everyone concerned, I am sure this is exactly where we all need to be heading. A big thank you”
  2. Discharge woes resolved – “My compliments go to home care team and pharmacy at the Xxxxxxx Store. My Father was admitted to hospital recently .The discharge was a stressful experience. In particular, in the dispensing of medicines from the hospital. For which if myself and my Husband had not spotted would have resulted in re-admission and severe complications. It meant having to rectify these severe errors. My Father, has dementia so for him he would not be aware of this, Because, of these errors we had to involve discharge matrons, patient liaison teams and bleep an on call senior pharmacist at night. The medication at the hospital issued could not be given by his care-givers in the morning as they were the wrong type, wrong dates, incorrectly labelled., unchecked and no allergies listed. There was also, the wrong times and MAR sheets did not tally. We were also only given a weeks supply from the hospital until they tried to rectify the matter. It was Xxxxx from the home care team. who deals with my Father’s blister packs showed nothing was too much trouble ensuring that the medication was right for my Father. Xxxxx’s communication was efficient, effective and reassured myself who was feeling very distressed about Dad’s needs as he was becoming increasingly unsettled. Working in partnership with the hospital and the GP surgery to ensure that they were correct. Their knowledge and accuracy to ensure xxxx’s high standards and reputation were evident. and up held. I have received the correct medication with quality standards. Xxxxx continued to persist even when the GP surgeries prescription still required rectification. I would like Xxxxx, to be acknowledged and rewarded for her dedication and commitment to her patients. and their families.”

Both of the above stories have been forwarded to PSNC as evidence they can share with commissioners about the good practice and excellent service delivered by community pharmacy contractors every day.

Got your own story to share?

We’d love to hear from you, simply use the Contact Us form below (remember to remove any patient data) and we’ll highlight it on our website and forward it on to PSNC – thanks in anticipation!

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