Independent Review of Community Pharmacy Contractor Representation and Support – updated 1st September


Independent Review of Community Pharmacy Contractor Representation and Support – updated 1st September

August 17, 2020

The above is a recent review led by Professor David Wright at the University of East Anglia alongside a committee of representatives from the PSNC community pharmacy contractors and LPCs to look at how community pharmacy contractors are currently represented in England (by their LPCs and the central PSNC body) and what the future of this representation might look like.

Several recommendations were made, with the key recommendations being highlighted on the PSNC website at: (with the full review documents available to be accessed if needed at: )

PSNC’s Chief Executive Simon Dukes proposed the initial way forward. by seeking views of all stakeholders on four key questions:
  1. How should we fund the process?
  2. How should we explore the review’s findings and recommendations together?
  3. How should we manage this from a governance perspective?
  4. What should we do to ensure that contractors have ultimate oversight?
We have now submitted our response to these questions, and you can read a copy below:
SSLPC Comments on Next Steps v1 20 Aug 2020

SSLPC will continue to engage with our contractors on the review process going forward, to ensure we both keep you informed of progress and accurately reflect your expectations – and have decided to keep our survey open for the time being; please share your views below.
Thank you to those who have already completed the survey; to ensure we get as wide a range of views as possible the survey will now remain open until close of play on Monday 14th September 2020; you can also email comments on any aspect of the review proposals directly to

We acknowledge and thank Devon LPC for allowing us to adapt their survey for use in South Staffordshire.

Independent Review into Community Pharmacy Representation - The Wright Report - What happens now?

Please complete the survey below to provide your views on the next steps.

Which recommendations in the report do you AGREE with, wholly or partly?
Please tick any/all that apply
Which recommendations in the report do you DISAGREE with, wholly or partly?
Please tick any/all that apply

Prof. Wright identified four priority recommendations from the 33 listed. Please rate these from 1 (completely disagree) to 5(completely agree).

As a result of this review, next steps to take forward and implement any agreed changes will incur costs to the organisations involved. As this directly affects the way that community pharmacy contractors are represented, input is needed on where these funds may come from. How do you think this process should be funded?
Finally, do you believe that SSLPC promotes and supports equality and diversity of membership, in ethnic background, gender, disability etc?
By ticking the box below you confirm that you confirm that have the authority within your business to share these views on behalf of your pharmacy/business; also that you understand that South Staffs LPC may contact you to discuss your responses further. *

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