Practice Protected Learning Time (PLT) Dates


Practice Protected Learning Time (PLT) Dates

July 28, 2017

One or two contractors have been unsure on GP practice Protected Learning Time dates recently – these are sessions within all surgeries when the practice is closed to allow all staff to attend training or information sessions relevant to their role. The closures can have implications for pharmacies, particularly in resource planning and in expecting requests for emergency supplies.

The LPC has sought the relevant dates for each CCG area, and are summarised below:

Stafford & Surrounds CCG (all Thursday afternoons):

3rd August 2017; 7th September 2017; 5th October 2017; 2 November 2017; 7th December 2017; 4th January 2018; 1st Febraury 2018;1st March 2018

Cannock Chase CCG:

Tuesday 8th August 2017; Wednesday 13th September 2017; Tuesday 10th October 2017; Wednesday 8th November 2017; Tuesday 12th December 2017; Wednesday 10th January 2018; Tuesday 13th February 2018; Wednesday 14th March 2018

South East Staffs & Seisdon Peninsula CCG:

SES – all Tuesdays – 15th August 2017; 19th September 2017; 17th October 2017; 21st November 2017; 19th December 2017; 16th January 2018; 20th February 2018; 20th March 2018

Seisdon – all Wednesdays – 16th August 2017; 20th September 2017; 18th October 2017; 22nd November 2017; 20th December 2017; 17th January 2018; 21st February 2018; 21st March 2018

East Staffordshire CCG:

Thursday 21st September 2017; Tuesday 14th November 2017; Tuesday 6th February 2018

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