Primary Care Networks – Further update and request for community pharmacy reps


Primary Care Networks – Further update and request for community pharmacy reps

October 14, 2019

Primary Care Networks (PCNs) are multi-disciplinary teams of healthcare professionals working together at a local level to deliver joined up patient care.  Most Primary Care Networks will cover around 30-50,000 patients registered with constituent GP practices, although in South Staffordshire we have a couple of PCNs covering much larger populations.

This PSNC page provides additional information about PCNs and what they aim to achieve.

Across South Staffordshire LPC there are 13 PCNs – see the document below for GP practice and local community pharmacy alignment.

South Staffs PCNs and Pharmacy Spread v2

Having checked this list, if you believe that your pharmacy has not been aligned with the correct Primary care Network, please let the LPC know by as soon as possible by using our Contact Us form.

Getting involved with the work of your PCN

Although general practice will be at the heart of PCNs, NHS England has said that it wants clinical pharmacists (employed by the networks) and community pharmacists to be engaged in the work of the networks.

It is important that community pharmacy teams are fully engaged in the work of PCNs, to optimise their provision of services to patients and because the future development of locally commissioned services will be influenced by PCNs.

We need to identify a community pharmacy representative to act as a community pharmacy lead in each network and we are looking for individuals within community pharmacy to come forward to work in each PCN. To date we have had a good number of EoIs returned, however a couple of PCN areas still have NO EoI, and some just have one – so now is the time to act!

If you are interested in being involved with the local PCN and are willing to represent community pharmacy, please let us know by adding your details onto the Expression of Interest online form at the foot of this story NO LATER THAN WEDNESDAY 23RD OCTOBER 2019; alternatively you may complete and submit the Word form below and return by that date as indicated on the form.

SSLPC PCN Rep EoI Oct 2019

Please note: The LPC has set aside some funding to support Community Pharmacy PCN Leads, although this is limited and backfill/locum cover funding will only be available to attend a local training/networking session which will be held on Wednesday 13th November 2019; the only additional funding available for PCN Leads will be from the Pharmacy Quality Scheme payment for Community Pharmacy PCN Leads.

If you have any queries, or if you wish to discuss this role, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Expression of Interest - Community Pharmacy Primary Care Network Representative

By ticking the box below you confirm that you are interested in representing community pharmacy within your Primary Care Network, and that you understand that South Staffs LPC will contact you to discuss this further. You also confirm that have the authority to do so within your business. *

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