Service Provision Problems / Patient Complaints

Service Provision Problems / Patient Complaints

January 2, 2020

Pharmacy First Services 

If your pharmacy is signed up to deliver a Pharmacy First Service you have signed an SLA agreeing to offer the service over all of your usual opening hours….

Q. What if you are signed up for the service but are not able to offer this service today? 

A. This situation should NOT be the norm, you need to ensure that any locums you use are service ready – all of the information on pharmacist requirements is available on this website on the relevant pages.

The UTI and Impetigo service does not require the pharmacist to attend special training, simply to understand the service, ensure that their clinical knowledge is up to date and to be familiar with the PGDs.

For pharmacies offering extended care service (ENT, Eye and Skin) the pharmacist does have to attend a training day, these are now planned to be run every quarter and places are available on both the January 15th and April 21st training days.  If you have a locum / new pharmacist who needs to attend the training please book a place via Gill at the LPC (

If you are not able to offer the service on a particular day (for any reason) you must NOT refer the patient to NHS111 or back to the surgery – the whole point of this service is helping reduce demand and helping patients to be seen and helped by a pharmacist in a community pharmacy.

You should refer to the spreadsheet which shows pharmacies signed up to the service and direct the patient to a pharmacy which has a pharmacist available to see the patient.  

This spreadsheet lists all of the pharmacies in Staffordshire and Shropshire and if they offer the UTI; Impetigo; Extended Care service there will be a tick in the relevant column.   Pharmacy Services Sign-Ups Sept 2019

Please think about your patient and also about the reputation of community pharmacy – we are asking GP practices, Care Navigators and NHS111 to refer patients to us, we must then step up and offer the service we have signed up to provide.

We receive reports of pharmacies which are signed up to the service but who turn patients away saying either that they don’t do the service today or that they no longer provide the service.  Failure to provide the service to patients means that we risk the situation where referral rates will drop as patients and referrers become disillusioned by the one or two pharmacies which are not delivering the service correctly.  Please contact the LPC if you need more information on the service or Andy at NHSE if you want to withdraw from the service.

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