Submission of Annual Complaints Report and Community Pharmacy Patient Questionnaire


Submission of Annual Complaints Report and Community Pharmacy Patient Questionnaire

April 11, 2017


As you are aware, part of your terms of service for the provision of essential services is to submit a copy of the following:- 
  • annual complaints  (even if this is a nil return)
  • a summary of your community pharmacy patient questionnaire(formerly the Patient Satisfaction Survey) that you undertook.
 These need to be submitted each financial year in order to meet the contractual requirement.  In view of this, it would be appreciated if you could please submit these to us, by the 31st May 2017, for the period 1 April 2016 to 31 March 2017
 MURs and NMSs
 In additional, if you provide MURs or NMSs then you should already have submitted your data sets for Qs 1 -3 to NHS England.  If you have any MUR or NMS submissions from Q1-Q3 outstanding then please send them to us bythe end of April 2017Please note, the return for Q4 should be submitted to the BSA if you have not already done so.       
 All returns should be sent by email to or by post to the Primary Care Team, Anglesey House, Wheelhouse Road, Rugeley, WS15 1UL.  Please note that we no longer have access to a fax machine.
 The above information is required in order to comply with the Terms of Service for essential and advanced services, failure to submit this evidence could result in a breach notice being issued.
 If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact Kim Williams by email at 
 Kim Williams
Primary Care Support Officer
NHS England – North Midlands
Anglesey House l Towers Business Park l Wheelhouse Road l Rugeley l WS15 1UL

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