Suspect NHS Fraud or medicines being sold illegally? Here’s what to do…

Suspect NHS Fraud or medicines being sold illegally? Here’s what to do…

March 7, 2017

In February your LPC discussed recent media stories which highlighted the problems of reselling medicines supplied on NHS prescriptions, and what the consequences are for the NHS.

In short there are two legal issues, and members were keen to inform contractors how they should respond to suspected problems:

  1. Selling Prescription Only or Pharmacy Medicines other than by a registered pharmacy – we have seen reports over a number of years that POMs and Ps are being sold not just online but also at car-boot sales and other retailers. Any incidents should be reported to the local Trading Standards office for the area.
  2. Fraud – medicines supplied on NHS prescription being sold for profit online or again  at car-boot sales; these should be reported to NHS Protect via or by calling 0800 028 4060.  Just to note it is possible to report fraud anonymously, however if you are reporting concerns in respect of an area of business for which you are responsible or in the course of your official NHS duties it is not usually appropriate to use this option.

Finally any suspected incidents involving Controlled Drugs may need to be reported via the CD Accountable Officer too – see this link for more details.

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