CD Resources

Information on CD Accountable Officer Role and Contact Details

Controlled Drugs Update for LPC Websites (Nov 2019) V3

Reporting CD Incidents

Reporting of ALL incidents regarding controlled drugs is via the Controlled Drug Reporting website.

The forms below can still be used for local analysis of significant events involving controlled drugs:

CD Significant Event Analysis (MS Office document)

CD Significant Event Analysis (pdf version)

CD regulations

Department of Health Info on CDs; Effective April 2013

CD Newsletters from CD Accountable Officer, Sam Travis

download a copy below.

CD Newsletter February 2020 FINAL

CD Newsletter Nov 2019 FINAL

CD Newsletter August 2019 FINAL

CD Newsletter May 2019 (FINAL)

Other Resources

Reminder to report a CD incident poster (Nov 19)

NHSCBSA Safer Management of Controlled Drugs prescribing

Instalment Dispensing Approved Wording