CD Information and Forms

Information on CD Accountable Officer Role and Contact Details

CD Accountable Officer Info

CD Issues (including destruction): 

Contact: Eleanor Carnegie Controlled Drugs Support Officer (for Shropshire & Staffordshire) Tel: 0113 8254 630 or Selina Utting Controlled Drugs Administration Support (NHS England North Midlands) Tel: 0113 8255479

Address: NHS England North Midlands, Anglesey House, Wheelhouse Road, Towers Plaza, Rugeley, WS15 1UL

Paperwork Required for Investigation and Reporting CD Incident

CD Incident Flow chart

Unresolved CD discrepancies V2 (MS Office document)

Unresolved CD discrepancies V2  (pdf version)

CD Significant Event Analysis (MS Office document)

CD Significant Event Analysis (pdf version)

CD regulations

Department of Health Info on CDs; Effective April 2013

CD Newsletter

CD Newsletter – March16


CD Newsletter – Jul15

Other Resources

NHSCBSA Safer Management of Controlled Drugs prescribing

Instalment Dispensing Approved Wording