DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) Checks

Until now the LPC has provided DBS checks for community pharmacists in South Staffs and others working in community pharmacies requiring these for local services eg quit smoking service.  This has been done as previously the Time to Quit service provided a DBS (CRB in those days) check free of charge if the provider met a certain threshold of 4-week quits per annum; the provision of DBS checks by the LPC was to ensure equity of access to all contractors, and all contractors have been able to access free checks for members of their teams when necessary. However the new requirements for Enhanced DBS checks both nationally (under employment legislation) and locally (eg Sexual Health Services) and has made the provision of free checks potentially unsustainable as we expect a large increase in demand for this service.

The DBS Checking service we use is Disclosure Services (DS) – they charge a fee of £7.99 per check in addition to the Enhanced DBS fee of £44.00. The LPC officers until now have visited the client to undertake the check and review supporting documents however this will not be possible ongoing. DS have a Verify service within the application platform – this can be generated either by the LPC officers entering the details or by the client having a remote login and entering all details themselves up to the generation of the Verify document. This is then taken to an appropriate professional (which can be pharmacist – or GP, accountant, solicitor etc) to verify the client’s supporting documents. All of this is done electronically; once the verification is complete the LPC makes the final submission.

The costs of the service are:

Enhanced DBS Check £44.00
Disclosure Services Fee £7.99 (inc VAT)
VeriFy service £7.20
TOTAL £59.19
DBS Annual Update Fee £13.00 (payable annuallydirect by the client)

The LPC will now be offering three services, responsive to different needs of clients/contractors:

  1. Fully remote version – the LPC will receive payment prior to the check being authorised, and once all the necessary details are completed by the client online and VeriFy documentation check has been accepted the LPC will then make the final submission and pay fees on to Disclosure Services. Total cost payable to LPC = £59.19
  2. Client provides LPC with information for online submission then uses VeriFy service for document verification. Fee payable to LPC for each submission = £10.00, payable along with the those fees charged by Disclosure Service and prior to the check taking place. Total cost payable to LPC =£69.19
  3. LPC Officer provides online submission service at the LPC Office with client visiting to get documentation verified. Fee payable to LPC for each submission = £15 payable along with the those fees charged by Disclosure Service and prior to the check taking place. Client saves £7.20 for each check which would have been otherwise processed electronically (VeriFy validation fee). Total cost payable to LPC = £ 66.99

Similar services offered by locum agencies for example are charged at around £25 per submission, irrespective of whether the client enters their own details online. The DBS Update Service is an ANNUAL payment and is always undertaken and paid directly by the client.

To get more information about DBS checks from the LPC, please contact us; you can also get information about the process from the Disclosure Services website.