Stock Issues

We need your help on the following stock issues:

The LPC discussed issues arising from prescribing changes at our November meeting, a couple of things cropped up on which the LPC is keen to get feedback from contractors:

1) Since the change some time ago of the recommended Blood Glucose Meter to the GlucoRx Nexus meter we are getting a number of reports of patients who either are unable to use the meter or are having technical problems with the meter, requiring replacement or transfer back to their original meter.

2) ScriptSwitch changes from generic to brands or “branded generics” have caused a number of supply problems and/or have left pharmacies with stockholding which they cannot use – eg Zapain for co-codamol 30/500 tablets, Fencino for fentanyl or Durogesic patches, Octasa MR 800mg for Asacol or mesalazine MR 800mg.

You can either:

Email your issues to

Call 07870 214487

Report via the following SurveyMonkey Links:

1) GlucoRx Nexus –

2) ScriptSwich problems –