Primary Care Networks (PCNs)

Primary Care Networks (PCNs) are multi-disciplinary teams of healthcare professionals working together at a local level to deliver joined up patient care.  Most Primary Care Networks will cover around 30-50,000 patients registered with constituent GP practices, although in South Staffordshire we have a couple of PCNs covering much larger populations.

PSNC has a comprehensive webpage which provides additional information about PCNs and what they aim to achieve – you can find this at

Across South Staffordshire LPC there are 13 PCNs (see the attached document for GP practice and local community pharmacy alignment]. Your LPC has identified which PCN each pharmacy sits in and you can check this out in this document.

South Staffs PCNs and Pharmacy Spread

If you believe this is not a correct alignment, please let the LPC know by emailing .

Getting involved with the work of your PCN

Although general practice will be at the heart of PCNs, NHS England has said that it wants clinical pharmacists (employed by the networks) and community pharmacists to be engaged in the work of the networks.

It is important that community pharmacy teams are fully engaged in the work of PCNs, to optimise their provision of services to patients and because the future development of locally commissioned services will be influenced by PCNs.

PCN Community Pharmacy Leads

Further to our call for Expressions of Interest for the role of PCN Leads and subsequent collation of nominations the data will be added to this page when it is finalised

A full list of the Primary Care Networks and associated pharmacies can be downloaded below.

South Staffs PCNs and Pharmacy Spread v3