QPS NHS 111 Directory of Service

NHS 111 Directory of Service

On the day of the review, the pharmacy’s NHS 111 Directory of Services entry is up to date.

This quality criterion may be claimed at both review points (April and November) and is worth two and a half points, five points in total.

For NHS 111 to refer patients appropriately to community pharmacies it is critical that they have access to accurate information about pharmacies, their location, opening hours, and services provided. The aim of this quality criterion is to enable pharmacies, for the first time, to view their NHS 111 Directory of Services (DoS) demographic profile and to provide corrections to that information where necessary. This is so that patients are always given the correct information when they dial NHS 111 for help.

Types of DoS profiles

An individual pharmacy’s DoS entry could be made up of one, two or three different DoS profiles, depending on the different services that each pharmacy provides.

Each DoS profile sits in one of four service types on the database:

  1. Pharmacist
  2. Pharmacist – Extended Hours
  3. Pharmacist Enhanced Service
  4. Pharmacist Urgent Prescription

Every NHS pharmacy will have one profile for its main service provision sitting in either A or B, depending on the extent of its full opening hours (core and supplementary).

Pharmacies delivering additional services (e.g. minor ailments service, NUMSAS) will have extra profiles in C and/or D.

All DoS profiles that make up an individual pharmacy’s DoS entry need to be checked to qualify for the quality payment.

The pharmacy must confirm that the NHS 111 DoS entry for the pharmacy is up to date on the day of the review.

The following demographic information will need to be confirmed:

  • ODS code
  • full address details (including postcode)
  • normal opening hours
  • bank holiday opening hours until the next review date (i.e. 1 May 2017 (Early May bank holiday), 29 May 2017 (Spring bank holiday) and 28 August 2017 (Summer bank holiday) for the April 2017 review point and 25 December 2017 (Christmas Day) 26 December 2017 (Boxing Day), 1 January 2018 (New Year’s Day), 30 March 2018 (Good Friday) and 2 April 2018 (Easter Monday) for the November 2017 review point)
  • contact telephone number
  • public-facing website (if available)

contact email address for non-patient identifiable data (if available) (this is likely to be different to your NHSmail address if delivering NUMSAS).

The process for checking the DoS entry and requesting any appropriate changes for the first review period of the quality payments is summarised below:

  • in March 2017 the pharmacy profile details held on the DoS will be published on the NHS England website here
  • the contractor will be able to find their DoS profile by entering their NHS ODS code (F code) or postcode to find the profile(s) that relate to their pharmacy
  • the contractor will need to review the DoS profile(s) for that pharmacy entry
  • the contractor will then be required to confirm or amend their DoS details to ensure that they are current and accurate for the review date. This can be achieved by completing the online form here1.

The contractor will need to confirm that they have checked and, if appropriate, requested appropriate changes to their DoS entry on the NHS BSA online declaration.

Following the April 2017 review point the updated DoS entries will be published here so that all pharmacies are able to review their updated DoS entries ahead of the second review date.

The process for reviewing the DoS entry for the November review date is subject to change and further guidance will be issued when this process is finalised here.

Future access to DoS profiles

In the future, it is the intention that contractors may access their live NHS 111 DoS entry directly via one (or more) of the following method(s) facilitated by their Regional DoS team or pharmacy system supplier:

  • mobile search tool such as the NHS 111 Mobile DoS and MiDoS
  •  specific login to the DoS database to view and request changes
  • look-up of DoS entry details using the ODS code within a pharmacy system.

Further information about which direct access methods have been enabled in your part of the country will be made available here.

The contractor must evidence that the DoS entry is up to date by maintaining a record of how and when they have accessed their information, and provided notification of any changes.

Contractors will be required to confirm via the NHS BSA online declaration page that the pharmacy’s DoS profile is up to date.