QPS Pharmacy Patient Questionnaire

Community Pharmacy Patient Questionnaire available on the pharmacy’s NHS Choices page

On the day of the review, the results of the Community Pharmacy Patient Questionnaire from the last 12 months is publicly available on the pharmacy’s NHS Choices page or for distance selling pharmacies it is displayed on their website and the NHS Choices service desk has been notified as per the NHS England guidance document, “Pharmacy Quality Payments – Quality Criteria Guidance”.

This quality criterion is claimable once (April OR November review point) and is worth five points.
Contractors will be required to declare through the NHS BSA online declaration page that they have uploaded their 2016/2017 CPPQ report to their NHS Choices profile.


The Community Pharmacy Patient Questionnaire (CPPQ) allows patients to provide valuable feedback to community pharmacies on the services they provide. The aim of this quality criterion is to be open about the performance of the pharmacy, to publicise what it is doing well and what it is doing to improve in response to feedback from patients and the public.

In the longer-term, NHS Choices will be developed to allow for the CPPQ to be uploaded in a way that is more accessible to NHS Choices users and will ensure that the CPPQ information for each pharmacy looks the same and can be compared.


In order to meet this quality criterion, the results of the CPPQ from the last 12 months must be uploaded to the pharmacy’s NHS Choices profile by the contractor in a Portable Document Format (PDF) file format. This will be achieved by the contractor creating a news item within the overview section of the profile.

To do this, contractors must follow the instructions below:

If you prefer you may print a PDF version of these instructions as (with screenshots):


  1. add the text “Community Pharmacy Patient Questionnaire 2016/17” in the Title of the news item
  2. upload a PDF titled “CPPQ”
  3. add “Pharmacy Patient Questionnaire” as the document title
  4. add “1” in the Display order field.

The PDF file must be uploaded as a news item, in the overview section of the profile with the heading CPPQ.  Please note that if the naming conventions are not followed as outlined, the pharmacy will not appear on the report, provided by NHS Choices to NHS England, validating that the pharmacy meets this quality criterion.  

In order that the CPPQ is presented in a way that NHS Choices users can easily understand and interpret, the following introductory text must be inserted by the contractor into the ‘description text’ field of the news item so that it will appear before the questionnaire report:

Every year we undertake an annual patient survey to enable our patients to provide valuable feedback on the services that we provide. The survey, undertaken by all community pharmacies in England, is called the Community Pharmacy Patient Questionnaire. The report of our survey results allows us to identify the areas where we are performing most strongly, the areas for improvement and the actions required to address issues raised by respondents. Our results for 2016/17 are provided here.

A user guide on uploading the CPPQ onto a NHS Choices profile is available here.

A standard template has been developed to collate and analyse the responses received in the CPPQ, and then use the data to populate a report containing the required information to report the results of the CPPQ which is available here. The reporting section of the template which may be uploaded as a PDF onto the NHS Choices website; as described above, is included in this guidance in Annex 3 of the NHSE guidance document.

Distance Selling Pharmacies (DSPs)

DSPs may display the results of their latest CPPQ on their website. This should be the same website that is listed in their NHS Choices entry (see NHS Choices info on this LPC website).

Once a DSP has published their latest CPPQ results on their website to qualify for the Quality Payments Scheme, they must notify the NHS Choices service desk (nhschoicesservicedesk@nhs.net) including “distance selling pharmacy” in the subject line and provide a link to the publication.

DSPs will be required to declare through the NHS BSA online declaration page that they have uploaded their 2016/2017 CPPQ report onto their website which is accessible via NHS Choices.