Sexual Health Services

Please note:  You may find there are differences between North and South Staffordshire County Sexual Health Services.  Also in Stoke on Trent the services look different, so…..

Please ensure that the service you are reading about is relevant to your pharmacy location and to the client you are speaking to.

EHC Services.

All EHC services are recorded on PharmOutcomes but you must ensure that you are using the correct PGDs etc.

The Staffordshire service allows supply to females of all ages from all participating pharmacies, if you are a Staffordshire pharmacy you should use this page to download the information relating to EHC supply.

Other Sexual Health Services.

We now have an extra sexual health page on this website where you can find details of the various sexual health services that are available in Staffordshire.  As stated above please take care to ensure that the service you are looking at is relevant to your location.  We will try to make this as clear as possible on this LPC website for you.