Community Pharmacy Extended Care Suite of Services

January 2022 – NHSE&I announcement

extended care pharmacy services – sign ups for new providers has been paused.

The NHSE National Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Programme Board has requested that the DHSC UK AMR Board’s Research Co-ordination Group commission an National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) programme of work to look at the quality, safety, effectiveness and appropriateness of new and existing clinical services to manage infection provided by community pharmacies and other care settings, including the supply of antimicrobials without a prescription under the legal direction of a PGD. 

The Board has advised local commissioners to pause new services until this work has been undertaken.

Following this recommendation, a decision has been made regionally to suspend any new SLA sign up’s to the Midlands Region Extended Care Tier 1 and Tier 2 services with immediate effect.

This does NOT impact those pharmacies currently providing the service.

Community Pharmacies currently providing Tier 1 and Tier 2 services can continue to provide services to patients as normal. As a current provider, if you have a change in pharmacist, then they also can sign the PGD’s and provide the service(s). The suspension relates to the sign up of new sites only.  

The message informing pharmacies about this decision was sent by NHSE&I Midlands Region to all pharmacy NHS mail addresses and was also copied to all of the Midland Region LPCs.

Extended Care Jan 2022 NHSE&I Information letter

Extended Care Suite of Services:

Now called Community Pharmacy Extended Care Services there will be a whole family of services commissioned by NHSE&I across the whole of the Midlands Regional footprint.

The old Pharmacy First name was “retired” amid confusion over which services had ended when common ailments services were decommissioned.

Community Pharmacy Extended Care Services

The service has three tiers:

Tier 1 services can be offered by any interested pharmacy and includes the UTI and acute bacterial conjunctivitis (ABC) services.

Tier 2a skin services are available for offer by any interested pharmacy provided that they also deliver Tier 1 service.

Tier 3 ENT services will only be available for offer by selected pharmacies.  In Staffordshire, Shropshire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire these include the pharmacies that were delivering the ENT service prior to the service suspension (March 2020).  The selection process will be via an EOI on PharmOutcomes – this will be announced in due course, at this time NHSE&I are working on new SLAs and PGDs etc.

ENT EOI – pharmacies previously delivering ENT services will be required to complete an EOI to indicate their interest and readiness to restart the service in their pharmacy.

Community Pharmacy Extended Care Services Tier 1

Locally commissioned UTI service Tier 1 is returned October 2020 with a new name, new SLA and new PGD.  More details can be found on the Extended Care UTI page of this website.

A new Tier 1 locally commissioned acute bacterial conjunctivitis service service is being commissioned, allowing pharmacies to supply chloramphenicol for moderate to severe acute bacterial infection in under 2s.  Pharmacists are reminded that antibiotics are not first line treatment for this condition. Details can be found on the Extended Care acute bacterial conjunctivitis page of this website.

Which pharmacies are signed up to the service

NHSE&I are producing master spreadsheets with details of all the pharmacies signed up to Extended Care  services.

There are two lists, one for the East of the region and one for the West.  The document is an excel spreadsheet and lists every pharmacy, you can use the filter function on excel to look at specific CCG or STP areas.

The lists will be updated regularly so you need to keep looking here to ensure that you have the correct list, in other words, don’t print the list today and treat it as the definitive list.  Pharmacies across the region can sign up at any time so the number of providers is going up all the time, hence the need to keep checking for an up to date list.

Pharmacy Lists: these now include Tier 1 and Tier 2a

East of Region list – please note there are different tabs in the document for Derbyshire; Leicestershire; Lincolnshire; Nottinghamshire and also Northamptonshire:   Extended Care pharmacy sign up East of Region 13.01.2022

You will see all the pharmacies in the East of the Region are listed, you can see which one’s offer the extended care service because there is a date in the service column.  Those not providing a particular service had that service column greyed out.

West of Region list – please note there are different tabs in the document for Birmingham & Solihull;  Shropshire & Telford & Wrekin; Coventry & Warwickshire;Hereford & Worcester and also Staffs & Stoke on Trent:   Extended Care pharmacy sign up West of Region 14.01.22

You will see on the West of Region spreadsheet that some pharmacies are highlighted in orange, this is simply to show the pharmacies which have been added to the service since the last spreadsheet was uploaded.


Community Pharmacy Extended Care Services Tier 2a

Locally commissioned Skin Tier 2a service  is now live.  This allows treatment of impetigo, infected eczema and infected insect bites.  ENT pharmacies were already treating infected bites and eczema and the old impetigo service is now part of the Tier 2a service.

Community Pharmacy Extended Care Services Tier 2b

Locally commissioned ENT Tier 3 service will be introduced in the 20121-22 financial year – NHSE&I and the LPC are currently working on the new SLA and PGDs, along with designing some refresher training to allow the restart of this highly acclaimed service.  As soon as this is ready to go we will let the pharmacies know.

Anti Microbial Resistance Resources

HEE have produced info on AMR

Antimicrobial resistance | Health Education England

The Government’s five year antimicrobial resistance strategy sets out our role in improving professional education and training about antimicrobial resistance. As well as recommending that the Government campaign internationally for greater recognition of antimicrobial resistance, the strategy outlined how we have a central role in helping to improve the knowledge and understanding of antimicrobial resistance.

HEE AMR video on Primary Care Antibiotic Prescribing – click the image below.


This video supports clinical staff in primary care to make informed decisions regarding the prescription, dispensing and use of antibiotics.

HEE AMR video on Secondary Care Antibiotic Prescribing – click the image below.

This video supports clinical staff in secondary care to make informed decisions regarding the prescription, dispensing and use of antibiotics.