Ear Nose Throat (ENT) Tier 3 Service

This service is due to be launched soon.  Please watch out for information from NHSE&I about this service.


Area Covered by Service: the service covers the whole NHSE&I Midlands footprint and this means that you are able to treat those registered with GPs in the East Midlands, Central Midlands and West Midlands areas. The PharmOutcomes modules have been edited to reflect this and when you enter the GP practice details, those in the correct region will be available to save while those outside the area are greyed out.

Temporary Residents: you may treat patients who are staying in the NHSE&I Midlands Region as temporary residents provided they are registered with a GP in England.  You will be asked to confirm their temporary resident status within the PharmOutcomes module.

Important note, this service is not intended to be delivered to patients who live outside the area and are only visiting for the day or reside just over the Midlands borders. Provision of services to out of area patients as temporary residents should be by exception.