HLP Continence Advice Service Discontinued

Please note, this service has ended, all pharmacies offering the service were informed via PharmOutcomes on 03.06.2020.

Service in HLPs 2016

Initially this service was available to HLPs who attended the training event and had signed the SLA.

If you missed the training night you can download the presentations here and if you work through these and then contact Gill on gill@southstaffslpc.co.uk about signing up you will be able to offer this service in your HLP

HLP Simple Continence Advice Service

Bladder & Bowel presentation

Links to the relevant documents can be found below and the claims system is via PharmOutcomes

2016 SLA – what you need to do

Service Level Agreement for HLP Continence Service July 2016

You should print out this new SLA and sign it.

You need to forward a copy of the signed signature page (not the whole SLA) to the LPC  (can be scanned or photo)

You should also keep your signed copy of the SLA in the relevant services folder and keep it in your pharmacy for reference.

If you have any questions about the service not answered here please contact Gill or Tania


Claims will be automatically generated by PharmOutcomes and you will be paid monthly by BACS. Please ensure that your LPC treasurer has the relevant bank details for your pharmacy.

Service End Date: Service ended 30.06.2020

This is a funding limited service and we will inform you when the funding is running low and give 28 days’ notice of the end of the service.


HLP Continence Service Flowchart

HLP Continence Service Questionnaire to use to collect information in advance of entering data onto PharmOutcomes.  You will need to complete one per client.

Service Level Agreement for HLP Continence Service Final Version May 2015

Resources to download and print if needed

Facing Up to Incontinence

Only When I Laugh



YourProstate and You

Bristol-Stool Chart

How to get a Just Can’t Wait Card

Electronic versions of the B&BF booklets which you received at the training event



Further supplies of leaflets:

If you run out of leaflets we do have more, please contact Gill at the LPC for further supplies.

Background Info

We do not envisage the pharmacist delivering this service; the aim is to deliver opportunist advice to individuals purchasing continence products. The project is mainly funded by Astellas with an additional grant from Pfizer (used to purchase patient information leaflets from the Bladder and Bowel Foundation).

We also have support from Age UK and from the Carers Association who are keen to be involved in providing information on these issues.

The service will be lead by the Healthy Living Champions (HLC) and the HLC will involve other members of the team so that all of the Health Care Assistants can be involved in service delivery.

The HLC or staff member will:

  • Have a short brief conversation with any customer purchasing any continence related product and give advice about the help and support that is available locally.
  • Provide information leaflets relating to continence.
  • Ask if the individual has had a fluid diary, a supply of these is available to the pharmacy to distribute to those who are interested.
  • Ask if the individual has ever seen a doctor or nurse regarding this issue.
  • Ask if they take medicines and have any problems with them, they will be referred to the pharmacist for a MUR.

It is a very quick and simple service that is lead by the Healthy Living Champion, it involves having a quick conversation about continence. The aim of the brief conversation is to raise awareness of the help and support available and to identify any continence problems early to avoid any long-term irreversible damage.