Emergency Hormonal Contraception

Service Spec for EHC 2016 – 2019 released:

Staffordshire EHC Service Spec 2016-2019


Structure for service management from December 1st 2016:



NB: These service is for Staffordshire pharmacies.   Stoke City Council will continue to be commission EHC directly from pharmacies via Stoke City Council Public Health Dept.

NB Chlamydia Testing

This service is no longer available from pharmacies in Staffordshire

Information on Service up to 30th November 2016

Safeguarding Issues:

Please see safeguarding information here


Pharmacy Accreditations
To deliver the PGD not only has the pharmacist to be accredited, the pharmacy must also have a contract with Staffordshire Public Health.  If you wish to deliver EHC in a pharmacy please do not do so until you have confirmed that the pharmacy does have a contract in place.

The consultation process:

either live recording on PharmOutcomes or paper form and details added to PharmOutcomes afterwards – details of process and client signature requirement is given below:

You are required to record the patient’s postcode – this information does not go to the commissioner so is confidential but allows the PharmOutcomes system to anonymously sort the data into CCG areas or Coucil Ward areas and so allows more sophisticated data analysis.

Consultation with live connection to PharmOutcomes: Consultations can be conducted and information added straight on to PharmOutcomes if you have a live connection in your consultation room.

If you are completing the module live on PharmOutcomes in the consultation room with the patient in front of you, there is a question requiring you to confirm that you have checked that the patient has received and understood the advice and the commissioners will accept this in lieu of a signature on a paper form.

EHC consultation proforma Nov 2017

Consultation without live connection to PharmOutcomes: Please use the ProForma during the consultation .  The ProForma is also available on the PharmOutcomes EHC module.  The ProForma reflects the questions in the PharmOutcomes module and has been written to reflect the details in the PGDs.  When no live link is available in the consultation room please print out a copy of the ProForma for use during the consultation process.

The PGD requires the client to sign to say they have given consent and have been counselled and understand the advice, there is space at the bottom of the ProForma for the pharmacist and the client to sign. If you are completing a paper form this must be signed by the client. The information MUST be transferred to PharmOutcomes as soon as possible after completing the consultation to record and claim for the provision.

SCC Levonelle PGD Apr 2016

SCC EllaOne PGD Apr 2016

Supporting Documentation:

To help with service provision the Public Health Department have put these documents together for you to use.

EHC safeguarding flowchart July 2014

Emergency contraception risk assessment July 14

Full-list-of-sexual-health-providers Aug 2015 (please note the Stafford clinics are now held at 2nd Floor, Civic Centre, Riverside, Stafford ST16 3AQ)


Chlamydia: Pharmacies are no longer able to issue Chlamydia tests

Chlamydia Treatment: Pharmacies there is no locally commissioned Chlamydia treatment services at this time.