NUMSAS Emergency Supply Service now live

NUMSAS is an NHS Advanced Service in the Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework which is being launched as a national pilot.  NHS 111 refer patients to Pharmacies to receive an emergency supply of medication if appropriate.

The service spec is available from the PSNC website as well as some other useful documentation.

NHSE Shropshire and Staffordshire (NHSES&S) see the local and national services as complementing each other, it is about increasing access and NHSE will be running NUMSAS in addition to the local service.

The local service is changing from April 1st 2017 and you will find more information on the local service page on this website here.  From the end of March 2017 the local service will be available 24/7 to bring it in line with the terms of the NUMSAS service.

A decision has been made by NHSES&S that once the NUMSAS service goes live in our area, then NHS111 will no longer be able to refer patients in to our local scheme.  Therefore, if NHS111 has referred a patient to you, it is for NUMSAS.  You will receive an email referral to your NHS mail address and you MUST use the NUMSAS scheme to supply medication to that patient.

If the patient accesses an emergency supply by any route other than via NHS111 then you may supply medication using the local scheme.

When does NUMSAS start in Staffordshire and Shropshire?

The service was made live on Monday 4th December 2017.

NUMSAS on PharmOutcomes:

 The NUMSAS modules will be available to all of our pharmacies on the locally agreed NUMSAS “go-live” date.

You will be asked to complete a pharmacy registration module – this will ask about your IG Toolkit, consulting room, pharmacy NHS mail etc.

Each pharmacist will be asked to complete an enrolment module the first time they access the patient modules.

Both of these actions are to be completed one time only, after that you will have access to the modules and functionality outlined in the next question.

What can PharmOutcomes do with regards to NUMSAS?

  1.  Patient registration module which should be completed for new patients.
  2. Patient supply module – linked to the registration module (previous supplies you have made to this patient under NUMSAS will be visible in the top left of your screen)
  3. GP notifications – this will be done automatically to the GP practice NHS mail address. Where no NHS mail address is available the system will warn you to print out the notification which should then be sent to the practice by a different, secure route.
  4. If you do not have the medication you will be able to search for the nearest NUMSAS pharmacy to aid you in onward referral
  5. Printing FP10DT EPS dispensing token for each patient – simply tell PharmOutcomes which printer to use and it will print out the token for you, this is on both halves of the token. Tear in half and the left side is sent to NHS BSA at month end, the right side can be retained in your pharmacy as a record of provision.
  6. Printing NUMSAS claim form – this can be done monthly, information will be populated into the form using data from the supplies you have made during the month. Print this out and send off with your tokens to claim the NUMSAS fees each month.

NUMSAS and Local Emergency Supply Services FAQs March 2017

NUMSAS service spec