NHS England and NHS Improvement

NHS England and NHS Improvement  (NHSE/I) locally are part of  the Midlands Region; they are based at a number of locations across the Midlands, including Anglesey House in Rugeley:

Anglesey House
Wheelhouse Road
Towers Plaza
WS15 1UL

Tel: 0113 825 3712

Pharmacy Advisor

The Pharmacy Advisor NHSE/I locally is Andy Pickard.  You can get in touch with Andy at the Anglesey House office as above, preferably by email: a.pickard@nhs.net or telephone 01138254620.

CD Accountable Officer

The CD Accountable Officer for South Staffordshire is also part of the Midlands region of NHSE/I – full contact details can be found by clicking the above link.

Unexpected Pharmacy Closures

We know that all of our contractors make every effort to maintain their services to patients, however in the event that you are unable to open your pharmacy when contracted to do so, please ensure that you follow the points below:

  • Provide information to patients, practices and other local healthcare professionals on the closure, how long it is expected to last and how they may be able to access pharmaceutical services from other providers (having checked that alternative providers are trading). It would be helpful to include information at the pharmacy, also on any pharmacy website or social media page, and on telephone voicemail messages.
  • Notify NHS England and NHS Improvement Midlands team – firstly by email to england.pharmacy-westmidlands@nhs.net, and within 24 hours using the form below

Pharmacy Forced Closure

  • Temporarily update your NHS Choices page where possible to ensure that the current information is accurate.

NHS England Local Professional Network (LPN)

Local Professional Networks have been established in each NHS area covering pharmacy, dentistry and eye health communities.  The remit of the LPN is to ensure that the contribution of these professional groups is maximised in the improvement of outcomes and reduction in inequalities.  LPNs will need to work closely with Strategic Clinical Networks, Academic Health Science Networks, Senates as well as commissioners, providers and patients.  The LPN Single Operating Framework was released in March 2013.

The Staffordshire and Shropshire LPN for pharmacy is chaired by Dr Manir Hussain who is employed on a limited part-time basis by NHSE/I to fulfil this role.  He was formerly Deputy Head of Primary care for Staffordshire CCGs and he is an excellent advocate for the pharmacy profession.

It is the aim of the LPN to work with the Area Team to ensure that pharmacy is seen as part of the NHS team delivering great outcomes for patients in both primary and secondary care and to support patients living with Long Term Conditions.