EPS, Smartcards and SCR

Electronic Prescriptions – EPS Release 2 Roll-Out

Roll-out of EPS Release 2 is now almost complete across South Staffordshire, with only a handful of GP practices not live with EPS R2.

Electronic Repeat dispensing (eRD)

Following the roll-out of eRD to 21 “Beacon” practices across Stoke and Staffordshire the project team at Midlands and Lancashire CSU have developed an EPS & eRD Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document – please download via the link below:

EPS FAQs:    Electronic Prescriptions – notes to pharmacy v1.2

ERD Support Guide:   Community Pharmacy Support Guidance v2.1 October 2018


Access to Electronic Prescriptions and other functions (such as patient nominations) under EPS R2 can only be effected with an RA01 Smartcard

All members of the pharmacy team who will download EPS R2 prescriptions as part of their role MUST have their own RA01 Smartcard – it is PROHIBITED under the terms of issue to use another person’s Smartcard or allow such use of your own Smartcard in order to access EPS R2 prescriptions or any other process.

PSNC have published lots of helpful information on Smartcards here

To access SCR you will need to get your smart card updated, more information is available on PSNC here.  Please be aware that the SCR access can be added remotely.  Please contact the service desk (details below) for advice on how to proceed with the update.

Smartcard Authority for our area is NHS Midlands and Lancashire CSU

Smartcard Service Desk – Phone Number Change

On 05 June 2019* there will be a change to the phone number for the Smartcard Team (Registration Authority) based within the Midlands & Lancashire CSU (MLCSU) IT Department.

In the first instance, Staff can continue to log jobs regarding Smartcards related matters via email to mlcsu.servicedesk@nhs.net as per the standard process but if you need to speak to a member of the Registration Authority team from 05 June 2019 you will need to call the MLCSU IT Service Desk on 0300 555 0212.

From 05 June 2019 when calling the MLCSU Service Desk, you will be presented with a series of options. Pharmacy staff should select Option 5 from the menu and you will be passed through to the first available Service Desk Analyst (you will not have to listen to all the options before selecting Option 5).

For all other IT issues, pharmacy staff should continue to contact their local IT supplier.

If you have any queries about this change, please email the MLCSU IT Service Desk and a member of the Project Team will respond as promptly as possible.

*UNTIL 05 JUNE 2019

Contact details remain as:
0121 411 0411

For further support on EPS, please see the PSNC and NHS Digital websites; NHS Digital have regular bulletins which you can sign up for by clicking HERE.