Who to contact: Pre-Reg Training Grants

NHS England now requires two documents in order to approve funding;

a) The Pre-Registation Grant Application Form – The standard template on the PSNC website is recommended by NHS England

b) A copy of the Pre-Reg training record from GPhC. This is essentially the proof of the training arrangements which is sent directly from GPhC to the trainee. It is stated on the GPhC website that the trainee should share a copy of this with their employer, such that the form can be forwarded to NHS England. This is not available in “blank” format, however includes the following details:
– Name
– Job title
– Pre reg training code
– Training dates
– Training site
– Email address

For Staffordshire pharmacies, electronic copies of both forms should be sent to either Hazel Williams  hazelwilliams1@nhs.net.

NHS England, Shropshire & Staffordshire Area Team, Anglesey House, Anglesey Court,

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