NUMSAS changing to CPCS 2019

NUMSAS is an NHS Advanced Service in the Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework which is being launched as a national pilot.  NHS 111 refer patients to Pharmacies to receive an emergency supply of medication if appropriate.

Please note NUMSAS is being supereded by the Community Pharmacy Consultation Service (CPCS).  

For more information please see the CPCS page on this website.

Local Update

At this time the local emergency supply will continue, any changes to this will be notified to contractors vie NHSE&I.

All referrals for emergency supply via NHS111 are anticipated be into the national service

If the patient accesses an emergency supply by any route other than via NHS111 then you may supply medication using the local scheme.

If you have any queries, please contact Andy Pickard at


When did NUMSAS start in Staffordshire and Shropshire?

The service was made live on Monday 4th December 2017.