Needle Exchange


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Pharmacies Offering Nx Service 2019

Needle Exchange in Staffordshire

The needle exchange service is commissioned by Staffordshire County Council through ADS One Recovery Staffordshire which serves South Staffordshire and North Staffordshire (but not Stoke on Trent).

ADS One Recovery commission this service, it is not available to every pharmacy due to limited resources and tailored to suit local needs.


Needle exchange – service was withdrawn from some pharmacies in 2016-17 due to funding cuts.  

If your pharmacy will no longer be contracted to provide needle exchange you will already have heard from One Recovery about the changes and had a letter giving you 3 months notice.  Unless agreed otherwise in discussion with One Recovery, you will be expected to continue to provide the Nx service during the notice period.

CLAIMS: You will have have received a PharmOutcomes message advising you of the latest date that you will be able to enter data onto PharmOutcomes.  Please check the PharmOutcomes system and make sure that you claim for all service provisions before your cut-off date as claims can not be entered after that date.


SLA from April 1st 2015

This is a copy of the new SLA for needle exchange.  If you currently have a contract to provide this service please sign this SLA and return to One Recovery

Pharmacy NX Service Level AgreementApril2015

Nx Service recording on PharmOutcomes

This service is continuing in the pharmacies who already have a contract to deliver Needle Exchange.

Recording Nx Service– 2 modules to complete for this service:

Client Registration
  • Every client you see in your pharmacy needs to be registered on PharmOutcomes the first time that you take him or her on as a client and you do this using the Nx – Client Registration module. They will be assigned a unique client identifier which will be their initials (2-4) and date of birth (ABdd/mm/yy)Where a client declines to provide a date of birth please enter 00-mmm-00 onto PharmOutcomes in the DOB box. NB do not use 00-mmm-0000 as the system will reject it.By using this entry it shows the commissioner that this is not a true date of birth but allows you to go on and produce a client registration. Unique client identifier: If you have a client who refuse to give DOB their unique identifier would be for example AB00/01/00.If you have two clients with the same initials and date of birth you can add an extra initial to distinguish their record as there is facility to use up to 4 letters at the start of the unique client IDFor those of you who have already used ABDENIED format, do not worry, this is also acceptable for those records but please use the new system going forward.Pharmacy Nx Client Registration Form May 2015
Nx – Supply recording
  • Every time a client collects a supply, please record it on the recording sheet.  Enter this information onto PharmOutcomes using the Nx – Supply module – you can do this daily, weekly or at month end, whichever is most convenient for your pharmacy.  The system will automatically generate an invoice and send it to OneRecovery for payment so you no longer need to send in a claim for for Nx service.
  • Download the activity recording sheet now: Activity Sheet for recording Nx supply
Nx Pack Reordering

Order packs via PharmOutcomes.

If you have any questions please contact the LPC